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Vietnam & Cambodia (10N 11D)

₹ 1,49,500 / Person

Spirituality, relaxation, adventure- there are many reasons why heading east has become an experience not to be missed. While Vietnam boasts the multiple UNESCO sites and beautiful beaches, Angkor Wat, without question, is the number one reason to cross the border into Cambodia. Hence combining both countries on the same tour is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Duration: 16th Feb till 26th Feb

Egypt (8N 9D)
₹ 1,64,500 / Person

Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Millennia-old monuments sit along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza’s colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx as well as Luxor’s hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest urban agglomeration in Africa, the Arab world and the Middle East. Cairo tends to be the city that have a bit of everything where ancient monuments meet the modernity of nowadays in a real rare experience. Beyond the modern scene, you will find history from ancient civilization for centuries.

Duration: 20th Feb till 28th Feb 2023

Madhya Pradesh (5N 6D)

₹ 42,500 / Person

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India. It is one of the most beautiful and glorious states of India. Once you visit Madhya Pradesh, a series of fascinating sight will completely enfold your eyes to fill your soul with eternal delight.Madhya Pradesh is the poetry of beauty where harmony will be the meditation to your mind if you tune into the rhythm of its history, culture, food and architecture.

Duration: 28th Feb till 5th Mar 2023

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