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We are an award-winning travel and experiences platform that caters to the needs of travelers over 50 who like to travel in small groups and discover the world.

As a team, we do our very best to ensure we deliver everything we promise. We keep the current gaps in mind that people over 50 experience while traveling. Therefore, we design our itineraries in a way that allows you to experience everything without feeling exhausted.

It’s all about you – the way our guests see us

Dedicated to the age group of 50 years & above

Travel with your partners and friends on holidays designed with YOU in mind. You may bring a companion over 18 years of age. 
Our group size is a maximum of 18-20 travelers.

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Upcoming Tours

Japan during Cherry Blossom

31st March till 08th April

Sold Out


04th April till 10th April

05 Spots Left

Arunachal Pradesh & Assam

09th April till 19th April

Bookings Open


11th April till 17th April

Sold out

Eastern Europe

24th April till 04th May

07 Spots Left


11th May till 17th May

Booking Open


18th May till 25th May

Booking Open

South Africa

24th May till 02nd June

Bookings Open


26th May till 02nd June

Coming Soon


05th June till 14th June

08 Spots Left


18th June till 24th June

Coming soon


25th June till 30th June

Coming soon

Switzerland & Paris

09th July till 18th July

Coming soon


16th July till 24th July

Coming soon


25th July till 01st August

Coming soon



Coming soon

Mediterranean Cruise


Coming soon

KareVoyage designs and executes unique group-travel experiences

across the world for 50+ travelers

In The Know – Why KareVoyage

Dedicated to the age group of 50 years+

Travel with your companions and friends on itineraries designed with YOU in mind. Companions over 18 years old are welcome. Our group size is maximum of 16-18 travelers.

In The Know - Because We Care

Before every tour we gather all information from you pertaining to your likes and dislikes, your medical history, your food habits and we make a note of all in order to give you a wholesome travel experience.

Genuine travel experiences

KareVoyage itineraries crafted carefully that are thoughtfully planned. We do not believe in conveyor-belt tourism, where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary at the expense of spontaneity. Your Pace – Your Comfort is the key here.

Hassle-free all-inclusive packages

We respect your budgets. There are no shockers at the end of the trip, nothing is left to chance. In few cases there could be exceptions to this rule, and the same will be very clearly notified to you.

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Genuine Travel Experiences for 50+ travelers

KareVoyage creates thoughtful, well-crafted itineraries. Our approach is to NOT follow a rigid itinerary that restricts spontaneity in the group.

Your Pace & Your Comfort is the key here. 

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