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South Africa
Vietnam And Combodia (10N & 11D)
Duration:19th Feb till 29th Feb 2024

Spirituality, relaxation, adventure- there are many reasons why heading east has become an experience not to be missed. While Vietnam boasts the multiple UNESCO sites and beautiful beaches, Angkor Wat, without question, is the number one reason to cross the border into Cambodia.

South Africa

Northern Light In Finland (6N & 7D)

Duration:21th Feb till 27th Feb 2024

Finland is one of the best destinations in Europe to see the aurora borealis.Every winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the aurora borealis dances across the sky in a spectacular natural light show. Now imagine gazing up and seeing the rippling multi-coloured curtains of light arc across the night sky for yourself.

South Africa
Surreal New Zealand (10N & 11D)
Duration: 09th Mar till 19th Mar 2024

New Zealand is where wanderlust meets wonderland.
Lies to the southwest of the Pacific Ocean and promises breathtaking landscapes adorned with picturesque coastlines and the mightiest mountains. Rich in Maori culture, this island nation or Aotearoa as the locals call it, is a diverse mix of contemporary cityscapes and attractions that will take you back in time to New Zealand’s past.

South Africa


Duration: 14th Mar till 20th Mar 2024

This trip is going to be a perfect trip for history lovers as well
as those who admire art – Experience with us the city of
Nawabs- Lucknow, it boasts of a rich tradition of culture, art,
poetry, music and food.

South Africa
Japan During Cherry Blossom (8N & 9D)
Duration: 25th Mar till 02nd Apr 2024

Kon’nichiwa! Japan, where hundreds of residents are over 100 years old, is often known as “the land of immortals.” KareVoyage is taking you to explore this wonderous country that fuses the ultra-modern and traditional with equal ease.

South Africa
Valley  of Kashmir A Paradise on Earth During Tulip Festival (06N &07D)

Duration: 06th till 12th April 2024

While the plains start getting extremely hot during April, Srinagar is pleasant and welcomes you with a romantic ambiance. Srinagar is home to Asia’s biggest tulip garden which is at it’s best during April.

South Africa
Island of many islands Maritius (06N & 07D)

Duration: 21st Apr till 27th Apr 2024

Mauritius, the island known for its white-sand beaches, luxury resorts and sapphire waters. Mauritius is generally known for being a destination with paradisaical beaches.

Best of Eastern Europe (10N 11D)

(Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic)

Duration: 24th April till 04th May 2024

Eastern Europe has it all, and it’s anything but  predictable. Cruise into the beautiful Vltava River in  Prague, or take a leisurely walk around Danube in Budapest. You  can be exhilarated, or lulled into contentment, within the  space of  a couple of days exploring Eastern Europe’s  great outdoors.

Gorgeous Greece (6N 7D)

(Athens – Mykonos – Santorini )

Duration: 07th May till 13th May  2024

Athens, the historical capital of Europe. Welcome to the birthplace of democracy, arts, science and philosophy of western civilisation.  Home of Plato, Socrates, Pericles, Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus.  Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities.

Kenya (6N 7D)

Duration: 25th June till 01st July  2024

We are delighted to see your interest in our upcoming holiday. We assure you of a sincere services, memorable holiday and lifelong memories.

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