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Ayodhya & Kashi (Booking Closed)

Price on twin sharing basis 45000/- per person

This trip is going to be a perfect trip for history lovers as well as those who admire art – Experience with us the city of Nawabs- Lucknow, it boasts of a rich tradition of culture, art, poetry, music and food. Lucknow owes its rise to prominence to the Nawabs of Avadh (Oudh) who patronized dance and music as well as the culinary arts

Duration: 20th March till 26th March


Kashmir – Bahar~E~Kashmir

Per person on Twin Sharing Basis 67500/- Per Guest (All inclusive)

While the plains start getting extremely hot during April, Srinagar is pleasant and welcomes you with a romantic ambiance. Srinagar is home to Asia’s biggest tulip garden which is at it’s best during April.

Duration: 15th April till 22nd April

Arunachal and Assam

Twin sharing basis Per person 77,700/-(All inclusive with airfares, taxes & meals)

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its pristine beauty and the lush green forests. The state is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun!

Duration: 12th April till 22nd April


Scenic Sikkim

To be updated soon

Sikkim situated in the Eastern Himalayan region with an area of 7,096 sq km and altitude ranging from 300m to 8,586m above sea level is a wonderland blessed with natural abundance from icy cold deserts, flowering alpine meadows, to lush green forests and emerald mountain lakes.

Duration: 08th May till 15th May


Surreal Turkey

To be updated soon

Turkey offers a sheer diversity that is very lucrative to any visitor new to this location. Its mountain ranges, vast open spaces, and sleepy villages share a lot of exciting experiences, building lifetime memories. 
Explore the countless waves of invasions and vibrant culture that will leave you astonished throughout your adventure. 

Duration: 5th June till 13th June


Per person on Twin Sharing Basis INR 75,000/- (Including airfares- Ex Delhi)

LehLadakh! Bollywood’s personal pick- it’s your time now to travel to this rustic and heavenly destination in real and not through movie screen. Set amidst the epic Himalayas the rugged valleys and mountains, winding roads coupled with the vibrant cultural life maintain the exuberance and charm of this region. 

When exploring Ladakh, be a traveler not tourist!

Duration: 14th MAY to 22nd MAY 2022

Cruising ALASKA

₹ To be updated soon

The word “Alaska ” conjur esupmanythoughts to many people. Totheuninformeditcan mean “eskimo”,“snow”,
“ice”and“wilderness”. … KareVoyage promisestoturnthis holiday experience tobe“amazing”,“majestic” & truly memorable.

Duration: 25th Aug till 6th Sept


₹ To be updated soon

KareVoyage brings you Best of both the world during a 10 days holidays to France and Switzerland. The landscape, the alps, the fjords of Switzerland & Streets of Paris.

Duration: 3rd July till 12th July


₹ To be updated soon

Coming Soon

Duration: Date to be announced

Genuine Travel Experiences for 50+ travelers

KareVoyage creates thoughtful, well-crafted itineraries. Our approach is to NOT follow a rigid itinerary that restricts spontaneity in the group. 
Your Pace & Your Comfort is the key here. 
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