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Uzbekistan(05N & 06D )

Duration: 14th Oct till 19th Oct 2024

Uzbekistan Has been Famous since ancient times for its rich culture, traditions and customs, legends and tales. The whole world knows the legendary commander Amir Temur, the great astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek, the most talented physician Avicenna. You know what ? You can talk about the history of Uzbekistan for hours. Uzbekistan is foodies delight. There are more than a hundred types of pilaf alone!.

Kerala(07N & 08D )

Duration: 16th Oct till 23rd Oct 2024

The land of God, Kerala is believed to be a gift of  the Arabian Sea. Its gorgeous and exotic beaches, breathtaking hill stations, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful lagoons, meandering rivers and amazing nature leaves you spellbound. Kerala is also famous for its Ayurvedic treatments, high mountains, gorges and deep-cut

Sri Lanka (07N 08D)

Duration: 21st Oct till 28th Oct 2024

Sri Lanka showcases a breathtaking landscape, adorned with picturesque coastlines. A growing multicultural marvel, the country is renowned for its beautiful blend of cosmopolitan cities, wild and enchanting hinterlands, thriving wildlife and charming beaches.

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