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Cancellation & Refund Policy:

For any tour or package the services are booked or blocked several months in advance, cancellation of such services earmarked for a particular departure results in forfeiture of money depending upon the time of cancellation of services with the supplier. Therefore, any cancellation of the tour/ service booked, will attract cancellation charges as specified hereinafter. Your tour also includes third party product or service like airline, cruise, railway, transport, hotel, restaurant, caterer, sightseeing company etc., the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to KareVoyage’s Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The said Cancellation Policy is applicable to all guests of KareVoyage Pvt Ltd booked for Group Tours, Customized Holidays, or any independent service taken from KareVoyage

The request for cancellation of any service/ tour has to be submitted in writing, clearly stating the reason for cancellation via email to KareVoyage at travel@karevoyage.com, from guest’s registered email ID. 

Once the booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Any reversal/ re-booking will be treated as fresh booking and additional charges may apply.

All guests expressly agree to the foregoing policy and terms.

Cancellation done by/ for/ due to:

Considering the safety of the tourists, KareVoyage is compelled to postpone/ reschedule the tour under force majeure situation or due to uncontrollable factors at the destination, however guest/s do not wish to continue and cancel the tour:

  1. KareVoyage reserves the right to cancel/ postpone/ re-schedule any tour under force majeure situation like natural calamity, epidemic, pandemic, terrorist activities, political unrest, curfews, local riots, government orders etc. or uncontrollable factors like airline operation/ schedule change, disruption due to political/ sports/ local/ VIP event etc. at the destination considering the safety of the tourists.
  2. Under any such force majeure situation/ uncontrollable factors, no refund – fully or partially will be applicable. As refund is not applicable, guest will be required to choose the next possible future date of the same tour. If there is any price difference for the future tour, guests will have to pay the same before the tour departure.
  3. To reschedule the tour in force majeure situation/ uncontrollable factors, Karevoyage will send the request to all the concerned vendors like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. for their cooperation and assistance in postponement of the services. In case these associates are not in a positon to consider the request, then actual cancellation charges may apply.
  4. If guest wants to change the destination, then decision will depend on the cooperation of the associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. Such a decision will require time and will be given as early as possible. If the selected tour’s price is more, then guest will have to pay the difference before the tour departure. In case the tour price is less, then the remaining amount will be kept in a credit shell with KareVoyage. No refund is applicable for the credit shell.

 Single (Solo) Guest sharing a room with other guest, cancels the tour:

  1. If a single guest is travelling alone on a regular tour, then s/he will have to pay single occupancy charge. If s/he gets a room partner for the tour and shares the twin/ double room for all tour days, then the single occupancy charge will be refunded to the guest within 15 working days of tour completion.
  2. In case of cancellation by one of the room sharing partners, no refund of single occupancy charge is applicable.


Cancellation received number of days prior to  Departure
India, Nepal, Bhutan Asia  Europe International Tours with cruises 
More than 121 days 10% 15% 20% 20%
D-91 to 120 15% 25% 35% 50%
D-61 to 90 50% 50% 50% 75%
D-60 & less 100% 100% 100% 100%


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