25th Aug till 6th Sept


25th Aug till 6th Sept

The word “Alaska ” conjur esupmanythoughts to many people. Totheuninformeditcan mean “eskimo” ,“snow”,
“ice”and“wilderness”. … KareVoyage promisestoturnthis holiday experience tobe“amazing”,“majestic” & truly memorable. Alaska cruises are one of the most famous—and popular—ways to see thegreatstate.Cruises are just easy: You onlyhavetounpackonce. Meals and entertainment aretakencareof. Your only job is to relaxwhilesailingthrough some of the world’s most magnificentcoastal scenery. You’ll call on2-3smallcoastal towns in Alaska’s InsidePassage,haveglacier experiences, enjoy24-hourdining,and have at your disposal all theamenitiesofafloating resort- casinos, gyms, lavishshows,spas, huge restaurants. Big shipsareidealforSenior travelers. What more it is best of boththeworlds.Wecover Alaska along with VancouverinCanadaand Seattle In USA.

Day 1 : Arrival into Vancouver

You are jetlagged-setupyour biological clock, today’s evening is freetoexploreonyour own.

DAY 2:

Today after breakfast we will visit CapilanoSuspesionBridge. This is a must do activity while inVancouvere.TheCapilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canadaisthelongest suspension bridge in the world spanning430ftacrossatree-lined canyon and suspended 230ft abovearagingblueriver.We will have Lunch and in evening will gofor acitytourvisitStanley Park, after Diner get back to your hotel andrelax.

DAY 3:

Today after Breakfast we will boardourcoachand visit Whistler- Whistler in the Coast MountainsofBritish Columbia just two away fromVancouver.Thislegendary resort is an international mountainsportsmeccaand a down-to-earth mountain town. Twoside-by-sidemountains spanned by the world-record-breakingPEAK2PEAK Gondola give access to Whistler Blackcomb’srenowned alpine terrain, drawing hikers, skiersandmountain bikers in search of mind-blowinglandscapes.At lower elevations, a coastal climatedeliversalushcontrast to the volcanic alpine environment. Sparklingglacier-fed lakes, towering old-growthforests, waterfalls,beaches, parks and golf courses are linkedbyanetworkofpaved valley trails. The place teems withlife.

DAY 4:

Today is the day you all have beenwaitingforwewill leave from Vancouver after Breakfast at 7AM.Arriveat Cruise Terminal in Seattle by 12.30PM. Todayyoucheck- in in the comfort of your BalconyCabins.Unpack and put your bags on one side…afterall,youdon’t have to pack and unpack until next 8days

DAY 5:

Today your day is at Leisure–exploretheactivities, onboard shows, try different cuisinesandfood.Your ship has enough and more optionsofIndianvegetarian meals, array of multi cuisine food.

DAY 6 :

Today your ship will dock in Juneauat 1:30PM,haveyour Lunch, meet your tour manager. WewillexploreJuneau. Juneau is a spectacular place of diverse,naturalhabitats from valley glaciers, to temperate forestsandnaturalfjords. Traveling in a small group, this exploratoryjourneyintroduces you to this pristine wilderness withacertifiedNaturalist Guide as your leader. Whale sightings are guaranteed on this small groupoutingcombining a marine exploration with a gentle hikeonasecludedrainforest trail. Your trip begins with your guidesharingstoriesas you travel out to the trail head on NorthDouglasIsland.Ashort hike takes you through old growth forest, muskkeg,andout to a scenic beach. Spend an hour exploringunderforestedcanopies and sweeping glacial landscapes. This small corner of the Ton gass National Forest ishometobeavers, eagles, salmon, porcupines and blackbears. Following a short drive and a picture stop withtheMendenhallGlacier in the distance, you’ll climb aboard anexplorationvesselspecifically designed for up close wildlifeviewing.Thecustomized covered watercraft puts you eye-to- eyewiththemarine life that thrive in these protected waters. Humpbackwhales, orcas, sea lions, porpoises, seals andseabirdsarecommonly seen. Keep a camera handy to capturethebehaviorsof these marine residents. Come back to your ship, have Dinner andenjoytheeveningshows on the cruise.

DAY 7 :

Today our ship arrives at Skagwayat 7:00AM-wehave full day to explore- Meet your tourmanager–we will explore Skagway- the WhitePass&YukonRoute Depot, board a vintage railcar for arideuptheWhite Pass Summit. Viewat the incrediblesceneryas your train ascends dramatic mountainsandyourguide shares colorful stories andthehistoryofthegold rush. Marvel at the waterfalls, tunnelsandhistoric sites you pass on your journeytothesummitof the White Pass and beyond. In Fraser, disembark the train andboardamotorcoach for a dramatic journey past theTormentedValley and Pitchfork Falls en-route toSkagway.YourDriver-Guide will regale with a colorful accountofthe history of Klondike Gold Rush. Takingviewsofthe surrounding mountains, waterfallsandglaciersmay be captured during the manyphotostops.Stop at Alaska 360 where you will learntheartofgold panning and practice your techniqueinwarm-water troughs. Gold is guaranteedineverypan!Haulyour treasure into the Gold Shackandhaveitweighed. Then, browse a collectionof goldnuggetjewelry and discover unique, souvenirsinthegiftshop. Finally returning to your shipwithyourlootand newly acquired “gold fever.”

Day 8 : Glacier park

observation lounge

Day 9 : Ketchikan

Become absorbed in the richcultureofSoutheast Alaska’s Native Americans and witness ariproaringlumberjack competition on this comprehensive tour of Ketchikan.Your first stop will be a visit to Saxman Native Village. For generations, Tlingit villages have maintainedatraditionofwelcoming visitors in regal style In this Native community,tribalelders and others have worked hard to pass onmanyofthetraditions that have long defined their culture. Ashortvideoprogram will
introduce you to their culture and history, thenenter theBeaverClan House where you’ll be welcomed by song anddance. Visitorsare encouraged to participate in the final dance beforemovingontothe Saxman Totem Park, one of the largest gatheringsoftotempoles in the world. The next stop is the Village Carving Center whereworldfamouscarvers work and pass on their skills to eager apprentices. VisittheVillage Store to purchase some of the finest Native
Alaska art available. On the return trip, see sights of CreekStreetand let the fun begin with a stop at the Great AlaskaLumberjackShow. Hardy lumberjacks bring to life Alaska’s colorful forest historywith an action packed competition in the partiallycoveredandheated outdoor arena. Cheer on your teamof worldchampionlumberjacks in events such as chopping,
sawing, tree climbing and much more

Day 10 :

Enjoy the highlights of Victoria and visit thespectacularButchart Gardens. Departing Ogden Point yourguidewillpoint out the highlights including the majesticlegislativebuildings, Empress Hotel, Royal BritishColumbia Museum, Beacon Hill Parkandtheexclusiveresidential districts of the Uplands andOakBaywiththeirmanicured grounds and gardens, BastionSquare,andChinatown (the oldest in Canada) includingthe”GatesofHarmonious Interest”. At Butchart Gardens, see howthe Butchartfamilytransformed a barren rock quarry into what isnowoneofthe world’s best-known horticultural attractions, coveringmore than 55 acres.The gardens are a lushparadiseofflowers, rare trees and winding paths, that werecreatedmore than 100 years ago. Enjoy the cascadingfountainsand footbridges connecting you tothemanythemedgardens, including the beautiful SunkenGarden,theJapanese Garden and the Rose Garden. Multi-languagemaps will assist you on your self-guidedtour.

Day- 11 : Seattle

Disembarktheship after breakfast. Afternoon visit: the Chihulygarden&glassmuseum- the space needle. Chihulyisanartmuseum. Which provides a look at Chihul’s inspirationandinfluences and brings forth manyof theelementsof his work, inclusing drawings, signatureglassseries & large architectural installations. Lunch and in the evening we will visit PikePlaceMarket. This market opened in1907andisoneofthe oldest farmers market of USA.

Day 12 :

Today is our last dayof ourexcitingAlaska holiday, hpwcan we get homewithoitshopping from Seattle – we havekeptfulldayshopping – we will identifybest ofplacesforshopping and advise you accordingly

Day 13 – Fly back home

Fly back home

  • Accommodation on Twin Sharing. ·
  • Unlimited meals & unlimited Soft drinks & Mocktails
  • on Cruise. ·
  • 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches & 3 dinners in Vancouver
  • 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches & 2 Dinners in Seattle. ·
  • Shore Excursions as mentioned above in the itinerary. ·
  • Vancouver & Seattle tours. · Services of KareVoyage Tour Manager. ·
  • 5 % GST)
  • Liquor package on Cruise for all 8 days is available perCabin at 200 dollars ie. Only around 14000/- (Unlimited drinks) , which gives you access to unlimited Liquor on board– We did not include this in package as many of our guests may not want to have liquor at all. ·
  • 5% TCS – Claimable while filing your IT Returns
  • Visa Charges for USA & Canada

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